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How to play

How To Play The Game

We’re frequently asked how we can play the game right, and here will be all the steps you need to play the ‘Big Boss’ easily.


Setting Up The Game

Step 1: Separate the job cards from the qualifications cards.

Step 2: Each player gets three (3) job cards and three (3) qualification cards.

Step 3: Each player must not show their cards to other players.

Step 4: One of the players must take on the role of the hiring manager (Big Boss).

How to Play

Important note:

Influence Card’ is a card that qualifies for the job directly without discussion, except in the case of two or more Influence Card(s) presented in the same round. In this case, then everyone’s opportunities in this job are excluded except for the Influence Card(s) owners and the hiring manager (Big Boss) selects one of them as the winner by himself.