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Big Boss

“Big Boss” is a Qatari game of human flavors. It depends on persuasion; which plays a crucial role in our lives, as the primary skill.

Young or old, this is a friends & family game made for you to enjoy the best time in the most entertaining way! Let’s take a break from smartphones and enjoy some quality time together.

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About Us

Welcome to Majlis Shabab Store

We are a Qatari company specialized in creating and providing entertainment cards and board games. Our company was founded in 2017, and we have taken on the task of providing multiple entertainment cards and board games differently and interestingly, hoping that our thoughts will gain your confidence and satisfaction

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Our Aim

We aim to change the idea of the gatherings that we have nowadays in society, and return the fun back to them. Majlis Shabab store is going to change the modern thinking that games can only be electronic, especially for adults. We started with “Big Boss” and plan to launch more games in the future, that will make the time pass quickly with friends and family.

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