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Ent Shtgool Launch Event

Launch Events is something we do!

Launch events are something that I usually want to do for each project of the company. “Ent Shtgool” is not an exception to this rule. Running launch events for these games is an important part of the company and the community in my opinion. Historically, we launch “Moder Kaber” at Flat77 Cafe in the WestBay area in Doha, Qatar in 2019. We celebrated the launch of “Big Boss” which is the English version of the “Moder Kaber” game in SPIEL 21. I have written a small blog post talking about my experience there.


ALIF Stores

This time around, we have prepared a small Launch Event at ALIF Stores for “Ent Shtgool”. ALIF Stores was Established in 2019 and it is considered one of the bookstores in Qatar. In addition to a wide range of international lifestyle products across culture, technology and entertainment. The showroom sprawls across approximately 4,000 square meters, providing individuals and businesses with convenience and accessibility to a one-stop-shop.


ALIF Stores offers a range of entertainment from reading to gaming to conversations. This creates a whole new experience for customers in the store with reading rooms for adults and children, a café and creativity rooms. More importantly, the store is a house of its own cultural center. It caters to authors who can host gatherings, hold book-signing events, and promote their publications.

Launch Day

This is one of the reasons that we chose this place to host our Launch Event for EntShtgool on the 25th of March 2022. It is not only about the size of the place, ALIF Stores carries our products as well such as Moder Kaber, Big Boss and other games we distribute. We also made sure that Ent Shtgool will be available in the ALIF store on the launch day for people to buy. Even though we gave away some copies to people who attended the event with a sticker, some people did actually buy the game through the store.


During the event, we talked briefly about the game as it is more an Educational game rather than a family/party fun game. Ent Shtgool aims to teach the user speaking skills with a number of challenges required for the players to finish them. All the players require speaking with confidence and without hesitation. Mr. Ahmed Al-Malki was the content creator of Ent Shtgool. He also played a big role in making this event happen. We played the game with the people who visited the event and thought them how to play the game. Some of the media came to the event such as the Al-Arab newspaper and Qatar TV to make small interviews with me.

The game is also available through our website store for a price of QAR 220. We also want to expand the reach of this game to other stores in Qatar.

We will continue this practice throughout our product as much as we can.

Abdulrahman Al-Homaid


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