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Majlis Shabab

(English Version)

In Crazy Pilot, you must react to various situations as fast as possible if you want to arrive on time. Be careful though: there’s been an outbreak, and zombies are hiding among the citizens. Don’t let them slow you down!

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Bananas, papayas, pineapples … The rainforest is full of juicy and delicious fruits just waiting for you. But be careful: at the end of the game, some fruits may turn out to be spoiled … Harvest the best fruits wisely to avoid the bad ones, and use your Toucan cards to protect your stash … or steal fruit from your opponents!

Making a move is simple: choose one of three piles of cards, then place a new card on top of each pile. It’s up to you to make the best tactical decisions to secure victory and leave the spoiled fruit to your opponents. A colourful and clever strategy game with easy-to-understand rules for children and adults!


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